Buying Vitamins Online

There are so many different online stores selling vitamins and supplements that if you you do not know where to look, you could spend hours trawling the Internet looking for the best prices. It is not just the price that you need to look out for too, because you need to make sure that what you are buying is of a good quality and comes from a reputable supplier.

The best way to ensure that you do not come into any problems is to remember always to buy from a store that you have heard of before. The main retailers in the UK at the moment are Holland and Barrett, Simply Supplement and Health Span. Make sure that when you click to visit a site, you see the padlock symbol on the top left side of your browser, because this means that the site is secure and your payment details will be safe when you come to enter them.

If you already know what kind of vitamins you are after, you will save a little time, however if you need advice, you will often find that websites offer a ‘live chat’ facility where you can speak to an expert, describe your needs and they will recommend exactly which ones you should go for.

If you do speak to them, do not be afraid to ask for a discount as they will often offer this if you are a new customer and are wanting to try something new out. Also, ask them if they have any discount vouchers which you can use if you make a purchase at a later date. It is also wise to keep and eye out for codes on voucher sites (e.g., and

Often if you buy in bulk you can get more of a discount, although it is a good idea to test out new vitamins in smaller quantities until you are sure that they are the right ones for you. Most of the main suppliers also have offers for loyalty, so if you collect enough points on your card, you may be entitled to more money off or even a free order.


Buying online can be cheaper than buying in store, although you need to pay attention to the shipping cost as this can sometimes mean that you are paying more than you thought you were. Look out for regular seasonal promotions and ‘last chance’ deals, to get the lowest prices, but remember that ensuring you shop from a trusted source and buy only top quality vitamins is the most important thing.