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Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Counsellor

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All the work we do, psychologically and spiritually,
is not meant to get rid of the waves in the ocean of life, but for us to learn how to surf.    Ken Wilber

Counselling & Psychotherapy

A creative, non judgemental, healing space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings from a new perspective.


My Practice/Background

Dorice Evans, Transpersonal Psychotherapist and CounsellorThroughout my professional life, an aspect of my work has always involved some form of counselling role or other. I discovered that very often the simple act of truly listening to people's needs would bring about astonishing results.

A four-year diploma course in Transpersonal Psychotherapy at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPE) London, and a foundation year studying Psychosynthesis, fulfilled my wish for a deepening understanding of the therapeutic process awarded me formal qualifications. My personal and professional development continues through other related courses, the study of philosophy, and personal therapy.

As a workshop leader, I facilitate small groups and transpersonal workshops, as well as occasional weekend and groupwork training. Information is usually available through this site or by e-mail contact. I am also a practising Supervisor for individuals and small groups.

I am registered with UKCP and am a member of BACP whose code of ethics I abide by.

What can I expect?

Therapy is not just for the intellectual and articulate; indeed, over-use of the intellect can block feelings and the recognition of emotions.

Therapy can help you to understand yourself better, it can untangle painful knotted areas which block the way to living a full and happy life.

Talking to a sympathetic friend can be helpful, but it is not the same as talking to a professional therapist who through their expertise and experience can help you to facilitate change

This often requires unearthing aspects that make you act in a way that brings you unhappiness. Long established patterns that no longer serve you may well emerge. You may have lost touch with yourself and feel that you don't know yourself anymore. Alternatively there may have been a particular trauma in your life which highlighted need for support and personal reflection.

Others enter into therapy for personal development, spiritual development and general growth.

Therapists vary in their philosophy, modes of working and schools of thought. This may be an important issue for you when working with someone. However, a good, trusting relationship with the therapist is vital, whichever model is employed.

The therapeutic framework is influenced by the particular training, experiences and ongoing personal development of the therapist.

In my work, the creating of a safe, non-judgemental environment is crucial and empowerment and autonomy of the individual, paramount.

The process is different for each individual. It may be helpful in the work to use creative activities through drawing, symbols, archetypes, role play & dreamwork.

What kind of difficulties can be helped?

The issues clients bring are many and varied. Sometimes the 'presenting' issue turns out to be a symptom of a deeper issue after time for exploration.

Issues I have worked with include:
Troubled relationships, loss of direction, sexual abuse, low self-worth and self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of life-purpose, depression, bereavement and overwork.

To discuss how counselling/psychotherapy might work for you, a free initial meeting can be arranged.


What is 'Transpersonal'?

As a transpersonal psychotherapist, I see myself as a companion on the client's therapeutic journey.

Often a crisis in life precipitates the desire to begin such a journey. Sometimes unhappiness and general dissatisfaction with life and/or relationships pre-empts seeking help through a difficult time.

I believe that everyone has a wiser, deeper self that knows what is required to unfold and develop. It is my task to shine the light of awareness and listen to what this deeper self wishes to manifest. As such I am as a midwife assisting emergence of that wisdom and knowledge, sometimes recognised as a more spiritual approach.

To facilitate such awareness, a safe space needs to be created through the therapeutic relationship - and by using creativity and imagination the 'essential self' can be heard.

Through creative work such as using dreams, writing, drawing, clay, and exploring intuition and visualisation, this deeper, wiser self emerges. Such connection can also be established working from a mind-body, holistic approach.


Counselling or Psychotherapy?

The difference between the two is endlessly debated! Either way, the healing process depends on a relationship of trust where the client feels safe enough to explore thoughts and feelings.

In my view, counselling can often be shorter term work than psychotherapy and more focused on solving the particular problem presented.

Psychotherapy tends to be longer term work when there is the opportunity of looking more deeply into your life and why some things are just not working for you.

A growing number of people are seeking help on their challenging journey of self-knowledge, understanding and personal development.


Your Initial Session

It is important that you feel comfortable with the counsellor/psychotherapist with whom you wish to explore your difficulties or further development.

Additionally, you may wish to find out more about counselling/psychotherapy and discuss whether it is appropriate for you and supports your process.

I offer an initial session free of charge to give time for such exploration.

To discuss how counselling/psychotherapy might work for you, contact me by contact form or telephone/answerphone: 01227 478283 or 077989 27053 (all calls are treated in strictest confidence).

I abide by the code of ethics and practice of the BACP.

More information about different kind of therapies available can be obtained through UKCP tel: 020 7436 3002.


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My Practice/Background

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Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Your Initial Session


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Canterbury Practice:
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